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Harrisburg Gay Men's Chorus


To apply for the position listed below, please send your resume/qualifications to [email protected]


Principal Accompanist

Purpose of Position: To provide piano accompaniment for chorus concerts and rehearsals and assist with chorus rehearsals
Time Commitment: 2.5 hours weekly for rehearsals, 3.5 hours for each concert


1. Accompany Chorus performances.
  a. 4-8 performances of each concert production per semester. Two Semesters per year.
  b. “Special Music" performances at Church services twice annually
  c. Voices United Dress rehearsal and performance
  d. Quadrennial GALA Festival performances and rehearsals
  e. Up to six additional community performances per year as agreed upon.
2. Accompany Chorus rehearsals
  a. Dress rehearsal and tech rehearsal of each concert as scheduled
  b. 1-2 Weekend Workshops per year
  c. Monday evening rehearsals at 6:30 – 9:00 pm
      i. Required starting 4 weeks prior to first performance each semester
     ii. Additional rehearsal prior 4 weeks as available
  d. Rehearsal with soloists and small groups in preparation for concerts
3. Facilitate Rehearsal in the absence of the Artistic Director
4. Meetings and Communications
  a. Meet as needed with the Artistic Director
  b. Notify Artistic Director in a timely manner, if unable to attend rehearsal/performance
5. Provide other assistance as requested and agreed upon.